Independent Designer &
Design Consultant

„I believe that design is  a method for exploration, investigation and problem solving.  Rather than only an aesthetic practice.“


I work as

Strategist, design consultant, designer

I offer more than ten years of experience with strategic design initiatives, design-driven innovation, service and product development for small and medium sized companies as well as big corporations and agencies like IXDS, zero360 innovation and Universities like University of Applied Sciences Cologne (TH Köln) or research units like Design Research Lab at UDK Berlin.

I am fluent in the application of the design thinking, user centered design, service design and user experience design. Together with a diverse team of experts from my network I am able to use these methods in a flexible and scalable approach suited to the specific context of clients and projects.

Being experienced in working with different stakeholders on different levels in all sorts of organisations I am always looking for new opportunities of collaboration.

So please shoot me an email if you want to get in touch!

These are my

Areas of Expertise

strategic design consulting

I see design as a problem solving method (rather than only an aesthetic practice). My consulting work focusses on integrating design into strategic processes of organizations.

user experience design
& product development

I think that designing superiour customer experiences across channels and touchpoints has become one key differentiator for companies, their products and services and their brand recognition.

branding and
visual design

I believe in the power of visual communication. Design is more than the sum of its parts and it is true that good design is based on clear ideas, effective visual communication and a match of aesthetics and functionality. A lot of personality comes from the visual design.

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